5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors & Styles

There are virtually no limits to the options you have when remodeling your kitchen with custom cabinets. This is why our experts recommend picking out cabinet door styles first, as you can easily coordinate other design elements — think countertops, backsplash materials, flooring and more — with cabinets in the spotlight.

No matter if you’re looking to refresh your space or planning a full-scale renovation, these popular cabinet designs will give you an attractive end result.

What are the latest trends in kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are still a mainstay in design, but Kitchen Magic consultants are noticing an uptick in the use of other colors and natural wood grains in remodeling and refacing projects. To help inspire your kitchen renovation project, we’ve collected some of our most popular kitchen cabinet designs from some of our recent Kitchen Magic customers.

1. Maintenance-free, wood grain cabinets


After years of white and gray taking the spotlight, wood grain cabinet doors – and the feeling of bringing the feel of nature indoors, are bringing natural warmth back to the kitchen.  You can achieve the look of real wood with the convenience of maintenance-free laminate doors, available in a stunning variety of colors and styles that will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

2. A timeless beauty of blue cabinets ROTM-williams-5

The process of cabinet refacing is a great way to incorporate more color into your kitchen’s design, but some homeowners have reservations about bold, and especially dark, hues. As solid colors for cabinetry goes, blue has always been and will continue to be most loved. The trick to using color in your kitchen design is selecting a single shade as the base of your color palette, to use as an accent color or as part of a two-tone cabinet combination.

3. A statement: Two-tone kitchen designsTwo-tone kitchen design

Photo Credit: Christian Giannelli Photography, 2019

Speaking of two-tone kitchens…this is a fun way to experiment with color, especially in smaller spaces. We recommend pairing lighter upper cabinets with a darker color for the bottom cabinets to make your kitchen design more visually appealing. Plus, darker hues tend to be easier to keep looking clean, and lower cabinets tend to take on most of the mess and harder wear in kitchens.

4. Gray cabinets lend a sophisticated touchkitchen2

Homeowners in Bucks County who prefer something other than white, but still want to enjoy a neutral color palette, often find a hue they love in gray. This warm and inviting choice of cabinet color allows for inspiring pairings with countertops and backsplashes.

5. Custom cabinets with storage solutions

glick-rotm-1Photo Credit: Christian Giannelli Photography, 2022

White continues to take the top spot for kitchen color choice. If white is too stark, there is always the more muted, antique white option available. While some consider white less forgiving, any solid color will show a platter or smudge. It will immediately brighten up the space when transforming from another color and offer a less busy aesthetic when changing from a woodgrain. Pairs well with any cabinet style and the maintenance-free material will last for decades.

Custom storage solutions, or the functionality aspect of kitchens are  as important  as style this year to homeowners. The possibilities are almost endless. Many homeowners love how seamlessly storage solutions like pull out drawers, lazy suzans, drawer organizers and spice racks can be integrated into kitchen cabinetry. They also enjoy the added form, function and organization these products provide.

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Who provides the finest custom cabinets in Bucks County?

Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Do you need help choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home? Let Kitchen Magic reinvent your cooking area using cutting-edge cabinetry crafted to the highest standards. It’s our team’s responsibility to walk you through the whole remodeling process and make it as smooth as possible. Whether you’re located in Langhorne or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, simply schedule a free in-home design consultation, and our kitchen consultants will bring the showroom to you!


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