Best Home Remedies for Dog Scooting – Dogster

We’ve all seen it: A dog sitting on the carpet and scooting his rump across the floor. Not only is this bad for the floors — think bacteria, odor and maybe even feces and blood left behind — it’s a problem for your pooch, too. Dog scooting indicates there’s an anal issue that needs addressing. Here’s all you need to know about why dogs scoot and the best home remedies for dog scooting.

Why do dogs scoot?

The most common reason for dog scooting is from irritation around a dog’s rear end. It may be an itch, pain or a more serious problem.

This can be anything from anal gland issues, parasitic infections, skin infections around the rear or symptoms of allergies, says Dr. Gavin Casper, a certified holistic veterinarian at Hometown Animal Hospital in Weston, Florida.