What Is a Dog-Friendly Apartment? – Dogster

There are different levels of dog-friendly apartments. While some apartments will simply allow you to have pets, others welcome your dogs with open arms and provide extra dog-friendly amenities to help you and your dog enjoy living the apartment life.

What features to look for in a dog-friendly apartment? 

The most basic level of a dog-allowing apartment lets dogs live with you. There may be restrictions to the number of dogs, the size of the dog and the type of dog. When searching for a truly pet-friendly apartment, here is what to look for:

  • Allows more than one dog
  • Allows dogs of all weights and types
  • Has a dog-potty area, including a dog waste trash can and poop bag dispenser
  • Has dog water areas (bowl or running dog fountains)
  • Holds dog events or activities
  • Pet spa or pet washing area
  • Offers discounts or packages to local pet service providers (vets, groomers, dog walkers or pet sitters)

Providing a dog potty area is very important. A grass area, turf grass or gravel space where your dogs can do their business can make a dog lover’s life much easier. If not, you have to buy your own apartment dog potty system like the Porch Potty system, which has turf grass and a tray of absorbent litter underneath. An example of a very dog friendly apartment is at Fidus Pet Communities in the Dallas, Texas area, where each apartment includes a doggy door that leads to either a private fenced yard or a porch relief system.