14 Companies That Issued Bans or Restrictions on ChatGPT


  • Some major corporations are limiting their employees’ access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 
  • Companies like Amazon and Apple have expressed concerns that AI may put them at-risk of data leaks.
  • Here are 14 companies that have issued bans or restrictions around the buzzy AI chatbot. 

Workers are using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write code, generate marketing materials, and create lesson plans to save time and boost productivity. But some big companies are restricting its employees from using the AI chatbot. 

While some companies are hiring employees with ChatGPT expertise, others are putting the brakes on integrating the AI into their employees’ workflows because of privacy concerns over feeding the tech confidential data. 

After all, privacy concerns have been a major pain point for OpenAI. At the end of June, a proposed class-action lawsuit was filed against the ChatGPT-maker over claims the company stole “massive amounts of personal data” to train ChatGPT. The lawsuit claims that Sam Altman’s company “secretly” used proprietary data to train its large language models so that its AI can chat like a human. 

OpenAI has yet to respond to the lawsuit, nor did the company respond to Insider’s request for comment about it.

Despite these concerns, some companies are excited about ChatGPT’s potential to bolster their bottom lines. For instance, Genies, an AI-avatar startup, is requiring its employees to learn how to apply ChatGPT to their jobs — an early sign that businesses are warming up to the idea of AI-assisted work.  

To see which companies are cautious about ChatGPT integration, Insider compiled a list of major ones that have issued bans or restrictions on how its workers can use the AI. 

Here are 14 companies that have imposed restrictions on ChatGPT:


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