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As you step into your kitchen, the heart of your home, do you find yourself craving a change? You’re not alone. In fact, in a 2016 Houzz kitchen study, a staggering 76% of homeowners opted for a style revamp during their kitchen remodel. While the pendulum has somewhat swung towards transitional and contemporary designs, there’s still a significant charm held by traditional styles – they comfortably nestle in the third spot in the popularity contest. 

If you’re someone who revels in the classic allure of traditional designs, we have some exciting news for you! With a warm welcome, we introduce the latest addition to our custom-made kitchen cabinets collection – the timeless, the charming, the “Hamilton” style door. Buckle up as we delve into the exquisite details of this old-school marvel.

A better understanding of Hamilton’s collection quality and diversity

Slightly ornate, yet subtle, its details instantly enrich a kitchen’s design. The Hamilton door will create that warm, sophisticated room that a family can really “live in”.

The Hamilton style door provides a timeless look that appeals to anyone in search of just the right balance of old-world charm and the modern, traditional kitchen, without being overstated. Composed of the same “maintenance-free” material used in the fences and decks of today, the Hamilton offers the look of real wood or solid colors.

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What makes this cabinet door style so popular?

While wood is still popular, over 80% of customers choose a door from our ‘maintenance-free’ collections—reaping the benefits of never having to break out the wood soap or lemon oil again.

The Hamilton offers similar characteristics of an American, eighteenth-century wood kitchen. In either flat or raised panel form, both prove to enhance any kitchen’s design. If you tend to gravitate to the modern styles, the Hamilton’s style will simply complement the beauty of your existing motif without changing or converting your décor.

  • The Finish: The look of painted wood however, is composed of our maintenance free MDF material. Will last years, without the maintenance of wood cabinet doors.
  • Color Palette: Choose from 16 colors: Antique white, Cherry Pear, Chocolate Pear, Satin White, Satin Black, Classic Cherry, Talas Cherry, Secret, Dark Wild Apple, Suede Gray, Fashion Gray, Frosty White, Tropical Mahogany, Hazelnut, Chestnut and Walnut.
  • Factoid: The first door in our Heritage Collection, the Hamilton was named after the location of Kitchen Magic’s very first office, established in 1979, located on Hamilton Blvd.

Where can I find quality custom made kitchen cabinets? 

Choosing kitchen cabinets that bring together durability and beauty – it’s not as simple as it sounds, is it? You’re not just picking out colors and styles – you’re thinking about something that’s going to last and not be a headache to maintain. Well, that’s where we come in. 

The Kitchen Magic team is on standby, ready to transform this hefty decision into an enjoyable adventure. Eager to see some samples up close? Just say the word and we’ll arrange an appointment, equipping you with all the necessary information. Let the magic of your dream kitchen begin!

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