A Toothpaste For Coffee Lovers!


I have finally found the toothpaste of my dreams. Why? Because it’s coffee flavored! And I can’t get enough of it! I start my day with coffee, the actual cuppa and while brushing my teeth now! AND I get to end my day with coffee too! Just the toothpaste because I cannot consume actual coffee post 2pm if I want a good night’s sleep 🙂

Really excited to have discovered Dente91 Coffee & Mint Toothpaste lately and I found the taste to be of real coffee personally – love the added hint of mint to it. I actually look forward to when I can brush my teeth sometimes now at night because I’ve been known to get lazy with my night-time brushing routine.

A few other properties that I’m a fan of in this toothpaste are:
~ It doesn’t have harmful chemicals like SLS, Fluoride and Paraben making it ideal for long time usage that gives you a bit of peace of mind.
~ It has Nano Hydroxyapatite that helps to effectively re-mineralize teeth and reduce hypersensitivity. Hydroxyapatite is a mineral and 89% of our teeth’s enamel is made up of it.
~ It contains Lactoferrin which is multi-functional with Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory & Antifungal properties. Lactoferrin is a protein found in mother’s milk and bovine milk. It has antimicrobial properties.
~ The Nano Hydroxyapatite in Dente91 Toothpaste even helps to repair cavities and improves teeth and gum health.
~ The toothpaste has a mineral-y texture to it that I like the feel of while brushing my teeth.

It’s like a refreshing minty cup of coffee after you actual morning cup of coffee, depending on whether you brush your teeth before or after you morning cuppa 😉

If you are a coffee lover I CANNOT recommend this toothpaste more strongly to you! Try it and let me know how you like it in the comments!

You can shop it directly on Amazon HERE and it is also available on Buy91.


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