Best Airlines in the World Right Now, According to AirHelp


Travel website AirHelp ranks the world’s best airlines on three metrics: on-time performance, customer opinion, and claims processing.

United Airlines.

A flight attendant aboard United Airlines.

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Launched in 2015 by German claims-management company AirHelp, AirHelp Score is an annual ranking of the world’s top airlines.

These airlines are evaluated based on three criteria — on-time performance, customer opinion, and claim processing — and are scored on a 10-point scale. Each criterion makes up a third of the final score. 

‘On-time performance’ measures the percentage of an airline’s flights that arrive within 15 minutes of their published arrival time. 

‘Customer opinion’ assesses what passengers think of the airline’s quality of service based on five factors: cabin crew, aircraft comfort, aircraft cleanliness, food offering, and onboard entertainment. Passengers provided a score of between one and five for each factor. 

‘Claim processing’ refers to how efficiently an airline handles claims and settles payouts. AirHelp cited its own data for this criterion. 

“AirHelp has found that combining these three categories provides a well-rounded view of airlines’ performances throughout the year,” Tomasz Pawliszyn, the company’s CEO, told Insider in an email.

AirHelp explained in its methodology brief that it took into account a total of 805 airlines around the world, but only included 64 of the largest airports in terms of passenger numbers and “popularity.” AirHelp also said that it excluded airlines for which it was unable to procure data. For 2022’s ranking, the company collected data between January 1 and October 31. 

Take a look at the 10 airlines that were ranked the best in the world this year by AirHelp. Entrants are arranged in ascending order according to their final scores.


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