Biden Gave Manchin the Pen He Used to Sign the Inflation Reduction Act


  • Joe Biden handed Joe Manchin the pen used to sign the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • The friendly gesture followed months of tension over whether Manchin would back Biden’s legislation.
  • Manchin helped move the Act through the Senate after gutting Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday was seen handing the pen he used to sign the Inflation Reduction Act to Sen. Joe Manchin — a friendly gesture following months of tension surrounding the piece of legislation’s fate.

Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law on Tuesday, which apportions, among other provisions, $370 billion for climate and energy programs and commits the US to a 40% emissions reduction by 2030. Manchin pushed for the act’s passage after cutting a surprise deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer in late July. 

Before the $790 billion legislation passed in the Senate, Manchin also helped to hash out his colleague Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s objections to closing a tax loophole for wealthy Americans. Sinema had disagreed with efforts to eliminate carried interest, the basis for the loophole.

While pitching Sinema on the act to get her make-or-break vote, Manchin was seen taking a knee and crouching in front of Sinema’s desk to speak to her on the Senate floor.

At the White House on Tuesday, Biden was seen handing the pen to a grinning Manchin after signing the act into law.


“Joe, we never had a doubt,” Biden said, acknowledging Manchin’s efforts in getting the legislation passed. 

Representatives for Manchin did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Manchin getting on board with the Inflation Reduction Act helped to save many parts of Biden’s economic agenda ahead of the November midterm elections.

The olive branch between Biden and Manchin came after months of tension over Manchin’s gutting of Biden’s landmark Build Back Better legislation.

Despite the Democrats having control of the House, Manchin has stood in the way of his party passing major legislation through the Senate. Manchin has also been reticent about expressing support for Biden in 2024.


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