Since my last post there’s been so many DMs about Skin + Me! You lot are full of questions about actives. When to start. What do they do. Are they safe. As it’s been so popular, they’re extending the exclusive 40% discount with a free trial of their cleanser and moisturiser, especially for us skin freaks!

To recap, I started using Skin + Me to treat hyperpigmentation and skin ageing. I recommend starting actives if you want to:

  1. Treat a specific skin condition like acne, hyperpigmentation or rosacea.
  2. Unclog pores and make them less visible. They’re not going anywhere but we can make sure they are de-clogged and avoid breakouts – thank you very much.
  3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Another battle we’re not winning, but we can do it (dis)gracefully and with confidence.
  4. Improve elasticity and texture, aka get that glow. Light bouncing off a supple even texture and yes, actives can do that for you.
  5. Boost collagen production. Collagen is the scaffolding that holds your skin up. I won’t insult you by saying anything else.
  6. Reduce abnormal pigmentation. For PIH, hyperpigmentation or melasma actives and SUNSCREEN are the key.

Skin + Me offer free reformulation (at anytime), plus you can check-in with the dermatology team as often as you need so there’s ongoing expert support to put your mind at ease.

I’ve used the product on and off for almost two years now, so if you’re scared about starting actives… DON’T BE! Skin + Me is perfect for anyone nervous about taking the plunge because they start you out on low concentrations that gradually and gently build up over time. Plus their new barrier-boosting cleanser and moisturiser help your skin adjust to powerful actives.

Sign up before 28th of July 2022 and use code SKINFREAKS40 for 40% off your Daily Doser plus you can add a free trial of cleanser and moisturiser to your basket during sign up!


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