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Decorative, colorful, imaginative: Those are the qualities of Amazing Gracie Doodle’s Instagram and TikTok pages, where you’ll find the 6-year-old Australian Labradoodle Gracie dressed in elaborate costumes, ranging from a Christmas tree wrapped in garland and ornaments, “grilling” for the 4th of July and roses in her fur for Valentine’s day.

“Holiday photos are my obsession,” says Gracie’s pet mom Fanny Karpman, who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah and each year has Gracie decked out in celebration of both.

Fanny started taking photos when Gracie was a puppy and immediately knew how much joy Gracie’s costumes could bring to the world because of how uplifting the creative outlet was for herself. A former lawyer, Fanny was going through a funk in her personal life. Creating unique and color costumes became therapeutic, she says.

“I feel a lot of love from the dog community,” she says of both online and in person Los Angeles connections.

Inspiration for finding unique dog costumes

Fanny plans her themes and costumes months in advance, getting inspiration from pop culture and driving around the city looking for intriguing and bright art exhibits, city murals and gardens. She carries props, lighting and treats in her car so she and Gracie are ready when inspiration hits.

Her efforts have paid off. Not only does she receive messages from teenagers who are going through their own tough times saying Gracie is the only positive thing in their lives, but her cheerful photos get picked up by a variety of major retailers.

This year for the holidays, Fanny plans to recreate the famous tongue scene from A Christmas Story with Gracie wearing a puffy jacket and licking a light post. Fanny’s trick? A little peanut butter on the light post.

Tips for creating unique holiday dog costumes:

  • Costumes that have designs on the front work best for dog photos
  • Keep props and treats in your car incase inspiration hits while on the go
  • Cardboard goes a long way when building props and backdrops for photo shoots
  • Connect with your local community on social media for group photo opportunities
  • Stores like Homegoods, TJ Max, Michaels and XX sell out fast; start looking in the fall.

Follow Gracie’s adventures — and fashion trends — @AmazingGracieDoodle


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