How To Be More Eco-Friendly


Besides our home, the workplace is where we spend the most time — and unfortunately, create the most waste. It’s the place where we find ourselves printing out 100-page reports and powering masses of computers. If you’re wondering how to promote recycling and other green practices at work as well as at home, here are sustainability tips for both places.

How To Be More Eco-Friendly | Did You Know? Eminence Green Facts

How To Be More Eco-Friendly

1. Switch Off & Unplug

Whenever possible, conserve energy by turning off all electrical equipment, including your computer (and monitor) or laptop. It may be best even to unplug all devices, appliances and chargers because these devices still suck energy even when turned off. Pulling the plug might be your best bet.

2. Green Your Commute

Walking, biking, working remotely or taking public transport are all methods of reducing your footprint. If you need a car, carpooling is also another option to consider for transportation that’s more eco-friendly. Try out a greener commute, and encourage your colleagues to do the same. You’ll find that it not only helps save the planet and promote environmental well-being, but it also makes you healthier and more active. 

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3. Energy-Efficient Lights

Swap your traditional light bulbs for energy-saving lights. Energy-saving light bulbs last up to 12 times as long as standard bulbs, providing the same amount of light quality for far less energy, according to GreenMatch.

“80% of the energy used to power traditional bulbs is lost in heating energy, whereas LED light bulbs run at 80-90% energy efficiency.” 

4. Get Smart With Paper

A green office starts with limiting hard copies and instead using email, presentation screens and phones. If you have to print, select the double-sided option to save paper. And of course, recycle.

5. Lunch On The Go

If you’re brown-bagging it to work, try recyclable containers. Our staff loves to reuse jars for snacks and to transport ketchup, salad dressing and other condiments. Other favorites include Lunchskins for sandwiches, metal water bottles for drinks and Lunchbot metal bento boxes for carrying meals to the office.

6. Don’t Throw Out Wearable Clothes Or Uniforms

To avoid contributing to the millions of tons of textile waste per year, make easy alterations and repairs to clothes or workplace uniforms to keep them for as long as possible. Fast fashion and online shopping has made the temptation to throw out and replace addictive, but once clothes are in landfill, they take hundreds of years to decompose and they emit greenhouse gases (GHG) while doing so, according to GreenMatch. Another way you can stop the cycle is by donating what you don’t wear. Consider giving away clothes you never reach for — you never know who else will appreciate it.

7. Donations (Buy And Sell)

If you pass on items you no longer need and purchase new items secondhand, the earth will thank you. Donate and buy or sell used items such as:

  • Office furniture, appliances and equipment
  • Electronics like cell phones and cameras, earbuds and computer equipment
  • Stationery
  • Canned food and unwanted boxes

8. Composting

Composting helps reduce food wastage because you can throw leftover scraps in your compost bin. Set up a composter in your outdoor office space or in the corner of your garden. Consider composting food scraps, coffee grounds, grass, newspaper, wood chippings, cardboard and even sawdust. 

Did You Know? Eminence Green Facts

Fact 1: Our most popular green initiative is called Forests for the Future™, which is our commitment to helping heal the planet through eco-friendly projects. We plant a tree for every Eminence retail product sold and to date, we have planted over 23 million trees around the globe.

Fact 2: Our packing chips are made of 100% biodegradable corn that dissolves in water – try it! Just drop a few packing peanuts into a glass of water, stir and watch them dissolve. Additional pieces of our packaging are made from post-consumer recycled material, printed on Forest Sustainability Council-Certified paper with eco-friendly inks and are recyclable.

Fact 3: We have received our Demeter certification. Demeter is a non-profit organization that serves as the authorized certifying entity for Biodynamic® ingredients, encompassing farming, manufacturing and labeling. The certification standards for Biodynamic products are exceptionally stringent, where the raw materials must be certified by the Demeter Association and the product must contain the requisite percentage of Demeter Certified Biodynamic® ingredients. Moreover, all packaging must be devoid of preservatives, fungicides, insecticides, and fumigants. Our Beyond Organic Collection is composed of formulations that feature ingredients sourced from Demeter International Certified Biodynamic® farms, as well as certified Biodynamic products like our Facial Recovery Oil.

Fact 4: We hold a B Corp™ certification. Evaluated by the nonprofit, B-Lab, this certification means that we meet the highest standards of environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

We’re inspired daily by the creative ways that others take action to make our planet a happier and healthier place. We’re also extremely proud to say that our business partners, loyal spa partners and Eminence Organics’ fans are all doing their part for the green movement with a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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