How to Find Dog-Friendly Stores – Dogster


Do you love going out and about with your furry sidekick? It’s easier to find dog-friendly stores and restaurants than you may think. But what does dog friendly really mean? Is it as simple as being allowed to take your dog inside or is there more to it than that? And, what are the benefits of taking your dog to a dog-friendly store?

What makes a store or restaurant dog-friendly?

There is dog friendly and there is truly dog friendly. So what’s the difference? First of all, at the bare minimum dog-friendly stores allow all companion dogs, not just service dogs, inside the store or on the restaurant patio.

This doesn’t mean that they will be allowed to roam free. Dogs will typically be required to be on-leash as most cities and counties make it illegal to have your dog off leash in public places. Also, it is safer for your own dog if other dogs are leashed as you don’t know how fearful or aggressive other dogs may be.