I Moonlighted As a ‘Findomme’ and Made a ‘Pay Pig’ Send Me Cash


  • I moonlighted as a financial dominatrix on Twitter to see if I could make money from a “pay pig.”
  • I received $112 from an individual who later identified as a married 47-year-old man.
  • Some women are using financial domination on Twitter to earn money as a side-hustle.

Some women are tapping into financial domination, or findom — a subculture of sexual domination rooted in BDSM — to earn money from so-called “pay pigs” as a side-hustle.

The pay pigs, who are mostly men, get a thrill out of psychological tussles with women practicing findom, who are known as “findommes.” A pay pig is told by a findomme to send them cash in return for nothing other than the humiliation of doing so.

Having written previously about the phenomenon for Insider, I wondered what it would be like to moonlight as a findomme for a night.

And then a pay pig slipped into my Twitter DMs. “Can I send you some money,” they asked.

Sensing the opportunity, I replied: “Is this a pathetic attempt to be my pay pig?”

I was somewhat prepared for the exchange after interviewing a findomme on how they’d turned their work into a side-hustle.

Some findommes ask for a “tribute fee” of as little as $20 to engage further with a pay pig, but I wanted to push the boundary, so I demanded he send £100 ($112) to my account on Cash App — a payment platform often used by findommes to receive money from pay pigs.

My pay pig sent me half my required tribute fee.

“You’re going to tribute me the full amount if you want the privilege of me even responding to a loser like you, let alone entertain the possibility of you worshiping me,” I told him.

He asked what would happen if he didn’t pay the full amount, so I threatened to block him on Twitter.

And after he failed to comply, I hit the “block” button.

Within 10 minutes he’d transferred the balance of my required tribute fee, so I lifted the block.

Insider has repaid the £100 tribute fee in full, and the individual agreed to be interviewed anonymously for this article, knowing the true identity of the author and the fact their comments would be published.

The individual identified themself as a 47-year-old man living in northern England. He said he wanted to remain anonymous because his wife didn’t know about his fetish.

He said what he liked most about being a pay pig was how easily a findomme could take his money. “I got a thrill from tributing you because of the way you used mind games to make me do it,” he said.

He said that before he got married, he typically paid findommes every week, and spent thousands of pounds a year on the fetish — but now plays the game only on occasion. 

“I’ve never emptied my bank account,” he said, referring to the “wallet drain” demands some findommes make. “Fortunately I’ve restrained myself from spending too much, but sadly many don’t seem to have restraint.” 

He said he sometimes regretted his actions once the thrill has abated: “Findom is a potentially dangerous addiction and many so-called findommes don’t seem to care or respect that.”

He told me he felt “a little down” after tributing me because he’d planned to save for a session with a real-life dominatrix.

Then I thanked him for his time and we parted ways.

Being a findomme for a night was pretty easy — and well-paid — so I can see why women might seek to turn it into a side-hustle. But I’ll admit, I did feel a little sorry for my pay pig.


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