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Dogs are natural denning creatures, and donut beds are great for dogs to feel cozy and secure while sleeping. A dog donut bed has a circular shape specifically designed to accommodate a dog’s natural inclinations to nest and burrow.

Donut dog beds are especially great for:

  • dogs who have anxiety
  • dogs who feel cold
  • brachycephalic dog breeds (snub-nosed breeds)
  • senior dogs
  • dogs with mobility or joint issues

Calming dog donut beds provide a safe place for dogs who tend to sleep curled up — a dog’s “fetal position.” Its circular shape and raised sides surround your dog and can help him feel protected. This works well for dogs suffering from anxiety and nervousness. Its pocket also acts as a noise reduction, blocking out noises that might otherwise stress your dog out.

Got a dog that’s cold? Most donut beds will be made of faux fur designed to mimic fur coats. This is extra helpful for dogs who love to snuggle up against furry things. It’s also beneficial to dogs who live in colder climates or experience harsh winters by providing extra warmth. Dogs may have fur coats, but they still get cold like the rest of us. The donut shape provides a pocket perfect for dogs who like to burrow under blankets.

These beds are great for brachycephalic dog breeds because the raised rim is not only snuggly but supports the head and neck of your dog. It encourages snub-nosed dogs to stretch their necks and lift their head for better breathing.

Orthopedic donut dog beds are good for senior dogs or dogs with mobility or joint issues. The padding is denser providing better support, and the bolsters will have a little extra padding for comfort. Dr. TJ Bowe of North Colony Animal Clinic in Texas, says orthopedic beds can be great for dogs with arthritis.

No matter the size of your pup, you can find a small, extra small, medium, large or giant donut dog bed perfect for him. The donut bed you choose needs to be made of pet-safe materials with easy-to-clean or removable covers. Look for one with a water-resistant bottom to avoid soaking up any accidents. Shopping for a dog donut bed? Here are some examples:

  1. The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed by Best Friends by Sheri
  2. L.A. Dog Company Ali Donut
  3. Raine Puff Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed
  4. L.L. Bean Plush Cuddler Dog Bed
  5. La-Z-Boy Buddy Lounger Bolster Dog Bed

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