Must Know Goldendoodle Grooming Tips – Dogster


Like many of our Dogster readers, you may have ventured into at-home grooming during the pandemic, but if you’re a Goldendoodle pet parent, it’s worth putting professional grooming back on your to-do list.

Goldendoodles are very high on the list of breeds that need professional grooming regularly, plus weekly brushing at home, says Jay Spainhour, owner of Chicago’s Tucker Pups Pet Resort.

This is because the Goldendoodle is typically low-shedding — a trait she picks up from her Poodle parent — which means the hair will continue to grow and get matted if not brushed and trimmed regularly. There’s also the influence of the Retriever’s thick coat, which, depending on whether your Goldendoodle has more dominant Poodle or Golden Retriever genes, can alter the texture and grooming style of the dog.