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Today we will recommend corded and wireless solutions for headsets for Nextiva desk phones. Nextiva offers a few model in the market and for the same reason Poly (formerly Plantronics), Jabra, and EPOS (Sennheiser) give their best offer for them.

* Nextiva X-815/835/885

These are going to be your straight forward VoIP desk phone, depending on the model you will find a basic LCD screen monochromatic (815) , the mediumd desk phone (835) and the upscale executive model with colored bigger LCS and with an additional customizable LCD secondary screen for soft keys (885). These desk phones support both corded and wireless headsets and we will mention them next.

Corded solutions from POLY

Plantronics PW540 EncorePro Polaris Headset

The Plantronics PW540 comes with noise canceling microphone which can block up to 60% of the background noise, coming in a convertible style headset, that allows the userplantronics pw540 encorepro polaris headset view to wear it over the head, over the ear or behind the neck. The included cable fully compatible with the Nextiva desk phones as its a simply straight plug and play headset. Once you plug in the RJ9 cable into the headset port the Nextiva desk phone will recognize it as a headset and as soon as you press the headset key on the phone will open the channel to it and you will be able to hear the dial tone. The HW540 headset can be customizable with leatherette ear cushions or foam ear cushions as this is a professional call center style headset.

Plantronics PW520 Polaris Binaural Noise Canceling Headset

The Plantronics PW520 is a true binaural corded headset fully compatible with the Nextiva desk phones, this headset is Telecoil Hearing Aid Compatible, being a nice alternative forplantronics pw520 polaris binaural noise canceling headset view users with the need of a headset that blocks most of the background noise and compatible while using their Hearing Aids. The advantage of the PW520 headset is that it can be customizable by replacing the ear cushions for leatherette or can increase the size of the ear cups, making it a better solution for a loud environment and without the compromise when use with or without hearing aids. The Polaris cable simply plugs into the headset port and answer calls by pressing the dedicated headset key on the front.

Plantronics PW710 Polaris Noise-canceling Headset

On a step ahead we have the Plantronics PW710 headset, this one being an upscale of the EncorePro family, the design of the headset is easily noticeable as an appreciatedplantronics pw710 polaris noise-canceling headset view upgrade. Leatherette ear cushions come from the factory which helps the user to keep a coolness when wearing the headset all day long. The microphone boom arm now is going to be retractable as the user can stow away when not in a call or can pull closer to the mouth in order to have a better sound quality while in a call. The PW710 plugs directly to your Nextiva by the headset port and simply press the headset key on your phone to make calls.

Poly 3310 Blackwire USB-A Mono Headset

Poly offers the Blackwire 3310 as a USB-A corded headset. Your Nextiva X-800s series will have a USB-A port on the side, and for this reason you can use the Blackwire3310 as anpoly 3310 blackwire usb-a mono headset view affordable solution on a corded headset. As soon as the Headset gets plugged in, the Nextiva desk phone will recognize it as a corded headset and will allow you to simply press your headset key on the phone and open the channel for dial tone. The mute in the volume control can still be triggered and can modulate the volume coming to the headset. Noise Canceling microphone can be found as well and a comfortable headband with a flexible microphone boom arm. The Blackwire 3310 is Telecoil Hearing Aid compatible for users worried about hearing aids while on calls at the office.

Corded solutions from Jabra

Jabra Biz 1500 Mono Direct Connect Headset

Jabra offers its well known Biz 1500 headset as a corded solution compatible with your Nextiva desk phone. Thanks to Jabra’s well known smart cord included, you can easilyjabra biz 1500 mono direct connect headset view plug in the headset port of the Nextiva and change the Compatibility setting to No. 4 and that will allow you to use your Biz 1500 Mono by pressing the headset key on the front. Noise Canceling microphone from Jabra and with the venerable Peakstop technology that protects the user from potential harmful loud sounds while on a call. Flexible boom arm with a 270 degree turn that can be adjusted without breaking. The foam are cushions offer breathability and all day comfort to the user making it an interesting option for a professional corded headset.

Jabra Biz 2400 II Duo Ultra Noise Canceling Direct Connect Heads

Jabra offers its Biz 2400 II Duo headset with an Ultra Noise Canceling microphone, making it one of the best ones in its class for loud environments. Larger leatherette earjabra biz 2400 ii duo ultra noise canceling direct connect heads view cushions welcome the user and with the true binaural sound helps the user to stay focus on their calls all day. 360 degree rotating boom arm is appreciated and built in Kevlar reinforcement that translate into a lighter, long lasting and light accidents tolerable headset. Thanks to the Jabra Smart cord, simply plug your Biz 2400 II Due headset to the headset port and change the Compatibility setting to No. 4 to make it compatible with your Nextiva.  The Jabra Biz 2400 II Duo headset comes with 3 years of warranty being one of the only ones with a long lasting factory warranty which is appreciated anytime.

Jabra PC USB Training Bundle with 2 x Jabra Biz 2300 Mon Headset

Special mention comes from Jabra, that thanks to its Link 265 allows to have a training setup for your Nextiva desk phone by using your USB port on the phone. The Biz 2300jabra pc usb training bundle with 2 x jabra biz 2300 mon headset view headset is a nice option for people in need to have a light headset specially when training new staff, covering one ear on both headsets allowing users to be aware of the environment during a call, Kevlar reinforcement and wiring is appreciated when using the headset on a daily basis. Noise Canceling microphone from Jabra and thanks to the Link 265 the trainee microphone will be muted when on calls for a training purposes. Thanks to its built in volume controls the volume can be adjusted from it as well and the lights on it will work as a busy light when engage in a call.

Corded solutions from EPOS

EPOS ADAPT 135 USB II, USB-A, 3.5mm Mono Headset, MS Teams

EPOS offers the Adapt 135 USB II headset as a USB-A corded alternative compatible with the Nextiva desk phone by the USB port on the phone, volume control in line that allowsepos adapt 135 usb ii, usb-a, 3.5mm mono headset, ms teams view to adjust the volume coming to the headset and even mute the microphone as well. Leatherette ear cushion in a mono wearing style headband, the EPOS ADAPT 135 allows to be used as well with devices with 3.5mm jacks such as tablets or mobile devices as well as long as they have the jack. Noise canceling microphone is found and a rich sound quality with ActiveGard that protects the user from loud spikes when on a call.

EPOS SC 660 ML USB-A Double Sided Headset Microsoft Teams

The SC660 ML is a double sided corded USB headset, fully compatible with the Nextiva desk phone by the USB-A port oft eh phone, binaural sound quality in a Hi-Fi widebandepos sc 660 ml usb-a double sided headset microsoft teams view stereo sound quality. Kevlar reinforced cables are found and the foldable design is welcome specially for people traveling with their headset, call controls in line with easy to use interface for adjusting volume or muting the microphone when on a call. The headband comes with number indications for accurate adjustment, being an appreciated feature when using a headset so can have the best position of the ear cups and microphone boom arm.

After checking the corded offers, now we will explain the wireless ones.

Wireless solutions from POLY

Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset, Convertible (C054, CO54)

Plantronics offers the well known CS540 headset as a wireless headset with a range of up to 350 feet on line of sight and being one of the lightest headsets on the market allowingplantronics cs540 wireless headset, convertible (c054, co54) view user to wear it over the head or over the ear with the included accessories. Noise canceling from Plantronics that blocks up to 60% of the unwanted background noises. Battery talk time of up to 8 hours with one single charge and with hot pairing capability allowing to switch headsets from one base to another by simply putting a new headset on a current base. Audio controls are easily found and intuitive when on a call, allowing users to modulate the volume coming to the headset, answer/end calls and mute the microphone.

Poly Savi 7310 Office Wireless Headset Mono, deskphone and PC

Poly offers its Savi 7310 as a mono wearing style headset compatible with the Nextiva desk phone and with the computer at the same time. New higher encryption chipset ispoly savi 7310 office wireless headset mono, deskphone and pc view found on the Savi 7310 headset, allowing to have a further range of up to 590 feet on line of sight and the new Acoustic Fence technology can be found the the bendable arm boom that its truly appreciated when having loud sounds when on a call for example like having  a lawnmower close by or really loud fans. The Savi 7310 is fully compatible with any computer via USB-A or USB-C as it comes with both cords and a talk time of up to 13 hours in one single charge. Thanks to the improved chipset allows to have up to the double of the same units in a close range without interference among them.

Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Binaural Savi 8200 series

The Savi 8220 is a multi connectivity headset allowing the user to use it with their Nextiva desk phone, the computer via USB-A and a Bluetooth enable device as the base can beplantronics savi 8220 wireless headset binaural savi 8200 series view paired directly with a cell phone for example and the user can take calls from any of the devices from the headset. The Savi 8220 offers Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that allows the user to turn on that feature and the headset will be blocking most of the unwanted noises of the environment, Telecoil Hearing Aid compatible for users with their hearing aids and with a battery standby time of up to 50 hours in one charge. Range of up to 590 feet on line of sight and with easy to use controls built in the headset, noise canceling microphone blocking up to 60% of unwanted noises and offering reminder visual alerts on the base when on a call and have the microphone muted. Voice prompts can be customized via the computer and using the third party software the Poly Lens.

Wireless solutions from Jabra

Jabra Pro 920 Mono Wireless Headset System

The Jabra Pro 920 is your entry level wireless headset for your Nextiva desk phone, covering one ear in a Mono wearing style, with a range of up to 325 feet on line of sightjabra pro 920 mono wireless headset system view and with one of the easiest interfaces, making it a user friendly as this headset is designed to work only with your desk phone. Talk time of up to 8 hours in one single charge that translates in a standby of up to 36 hours. Jabra’s voice prompts makes it easier to install as directs the user on step by step during the installation of the unit. Jabra SafeTone technology protects the user of loud spikes when on a call, fast charging headset is truly appreciated specially for people on the need to have their headsets with enough charge for the whole day.

Jabra Engage 65 Convertible Wireless Headset

Jabra offers the Engage65 convertible as an ally for people wanting a comfortable light weight headset compatible with their Nextiva desk phone and with the computer at thejabra engage 65 convertible wireless headset view same time with up to 330 feet on line of sight and with noise canceling discrete microphone boom arm. Built in busy light that lights up when on a call, making it useful when working on an open office environment or front desk position. PC and Mac compatible and Teams certified for virtual meetings. Hot pairing is welcome as allows to switch users headsets for multi shifts or can create a conference with up to 3 headsets in a single call.  Easy to read base controls allowing to answer/end call and mute the microphone from either the base or the headset.

Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headset System

Jabra gives the Engage 75 Stereo as the top of the chain in their lineup. The Engage 75 is a stereo sound quality headset covering both ears with a bendable microphone boom armjabra engage 75 stereo wireless headset system view with a nice improvement on the noise cancelation as there’s one dedicated microphone facing the outdoor to suppress most of the unwanted noises and the other microphone facing the user just to recognize the voice creating a rich sound quality during a call. The base allows the user to use this headset with their Nextiva desk phone, 2 USB-A computers using the included cords and two Bluetooth enable devices, all at the same time! The base switches from keys or buttons for touchpad that gives time, talk time, remining battery, device engaged and visual mute alert. By far one of the best headsets on the market, thanks to its comfortable design and the further range of up to 490 fee on line of sight.

Wireless solutions from EPOS

EPOS Impact D10 II Phone Wireless Headset

EPOS offers the second generation of its D10 as the Impact D10 II, a really elegant design headset with a magnetic base that helps to keep the headset in place, the D10 IIepos impact d10 ii phone wireless headset view can be worn over the head or over the ear with the included accessories. Noise canceling microphone from EPOS and with a range of up to 500 feet on line of sight and an impressive talk time of up to 12 hours in a single charge with fast charging available at the base. ActiveGard is found in the speakers, that protect the user of any loud harmful spikes. Incredible sound quality from EPOS which is appreciated specially if all day on calls and an easy to install base being one of the most discrete and elegant designs with LEDs that shows charging, mute, call engaged.

EPOS SDW 5015 Convertible Dual Connect Wireless Headset

The SDW5015 is a dual connectivity headset, compatible with Nextiva desk phones and with the computer via the included USB-A cord, with a range of up to 590 feet on line ofepos sdw 5015 convertible dual connect wireless headset view sight and with a convertible wearing style, so can be worn over the head, over the ear or behind the neck with the included accessories. 128-bit of DECT encryption for security on calls, built in busy light is found on the side of the headset and with EPOS noise canceling microphones, Microsoft Teams certified for virtual meetings and/or calls. 10 hours of talk time and conference mode allowing up to 3 headsets paired into one base when engage in a call.


SPECIAL NOTE: For remote answer on wireless headsets.

Nextiva desk phones such as the X-800 series have the Electronic Hook Switch Cable capability, which means that you need a special cable that will allow the remote answer bysnom ehs advanced wireless headset adapter for d7xx/d3xx view tapping your wireless headset without the need to go back to the desk or touch the phone. According them their desk phones are compatible with the SNOM EHS Advanced Wireless Headset Adapter for D7xx/D3xx. This cable comes with the proper cables to use with either any of the mentioned wireless headsets from Poly/Jabra or EPOS. If by any chance you get it and you can’t get the remote answer working properly is advised to replace that EHS cable for a mechanical lifter compatible with the wireless headset.


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