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I have been recommending NIOD products since the brand launched. They have something for everyone at a brilliant price point. Everything is backed by science and their formulas are sophisticated. NIOD currently have 23% off in their Summer sale, so if you haven’t tried anything, now is your perfect opportunity!

Non-Acid Acid Precursor*, 30ml – £30.80 (usually 40.00)

NIOD are excellent for all skins including sensitive. The Non-Acid Acid Precursor is a non-irritating formula and is a good option for you if you have sensitive skin but still want to use an acid. Your skin will look visibly more radiant and smoother, without redness or irritation. It also works to support your skin barrier – win, win!

Apply a few drops in your morning routine, after cleansing and before your treatment or serum step. Always follow with SPF.

Modulating Glucosides*, 30ml – £19.25 (usually £25.00)

This is an efficacious serum and works to target signs of irritation whilst supporting and hydrating your skin barrier. This is a go to for sensitive skin as the formula (with nine active technologies) works to target stinging, itching and sensitivity that can come along with having dry or sensitive skin.

Apply a few drops in your AM or PM routine. Use as your serum step, after cleansing and before moisturising.

Both formulas are vegan and cruelty free.

*always patch test before use.


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