Nord Stream Pipelines Likely Attacked With Remote Explosives: Report


  • A UK defense source says the Nord Stream pipelines were likely attacked with remote explosives.
  • The source told Sky News the bombs could have been planted years before the leaks occurred.
  • This comes the same day Western intelligence sources said Russian navy ships were spotted near the leaks.

A source within the British defense force said that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were likely attacked with remotely-detonated explosives.

Speaking to Sky News, the unnamed source said the leak in both pipelines was likely the result of a pre-planned attack.

The source told the outlet that mines could have been planted along the underwater pipelines using a long line, by dropping them from a boat, or with a drone, months or years before the attack.

The British source’s message to Sky News came the same day that CNN reported on new information regarding the pipeline leaks.

Citing two unnamed Western intelligence officials, the outlet reported that European security officials knew of Russian Navy support ships being spotted near the leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines.

One of the intelligence officials told CNN that Russian submarines were also seen near the area last week.

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline systems deliver natural gas from Russia to Europe. A military video from Denmark has shown that the natural gas leaking from the pipelines has been erupting like geysers in the Baltic Sea.

Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out a “terrorist attack” and causing damage to the pipeline.

Meanwhile, German news outlets reported that the country’s officials believe the leaks were not coincidental and resulted from sabotage. Two senior German lawmakers on Wednesday pointed the finger at Russia, calling the leaks an deliberate act meant to threaten Europe.

The Kremlin has dismissed any claims that Russia attacked the pipelines, describing the speculation as “quite predictable and also predictably stupid.”

However, analysts said that the explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines could signal an escalation to hybrid warfare, with Russia weaponizing energy to choke off Europe and escalate the continent’s energy crisis.

The US is supporting efforts to investigate what national security adviser Jake Sullivan called “apparent sabotage” of the key pipelines.


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