Plantronics/Poly C054 vs C054A, what’s the difference?


plantronics cs540 wireless headset, convertible (c054, co54) view

So you got a CS540 (C054) wireless headset and after plugging it in you see that it either is not working or doesn’t offer enough range or you are having other issues with it?

Well… before troubleshooting it all the way to the deep, we need to check something essential and this is if the unit on hand is a North American DECT frequency headset or it’s designed for the European markets. And the best way to find out is by taking a look at the base of the CS540. Think about like opening the hood of your car and checking the oil level.

On this picture you can see that we have two C054 bases, both same model but on the top right corner, you can see that the one on the right side says “C054“, which is the North American DECT frequency headset. This unit is designed to work properly and if have some issues with it, you can do the normal adjustments by adjusting the master volume dials on the speaker and microphone or by selecting another letter on the configuration switch.

The one on the left side as you can see it says “C054A“. If you have this unit there’s no troubleshooting needed as this is the European market unit. For the same reason you need to return this unit immediately to the seller.

Plantronics - CS540 Wireless DECT Headset (Poly) - Single Ear (Mono) Convertible (3 wearing styles) - Connects to Desk Phone - Noise Canceling Microphone - Blumaple LLP

But why both bases and headsets look the same?

Short answer for this is that the CS540 bases are in the same assembly line of Plantronics and they share almost all the components, it is in the interior when they install the different DECT frequency chip that complies with the European markets and helps the manufacturer to have a standard model in the pipeline and can even share same instruction manuals.

Plantronics CS540 C054 Charging Base And Power Supply Wireless Headset Charger - Picture 1 of 4

How did I got this C054A base without even noticing it before?

Unauthorized partners usually sell these units thru Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Walmart, among others and for the same reason you can find some CS540 headsets on really ridiculous prices, that in some cases they offer it at half of the price of an Authorized partner. Follow the old saying “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.” Return this item at once as you will not be able to make it work properly.

How those unauthorized partners get their hold on these items?

They usually buy these items by bulk sales in closeout on European markets and then they offer them for sale on a third party without realizing that the models they are selling are useless in this side of the globe.

How can I do my part?

The easiest way is by reporting Unauthorized partner you bough the unit from on the platform you got it from.

You can always ask resellers if they are Authorized partners and if so what is the warranty on their sold products. An Authorized partner products have no need to offer extended warranties as their products are original and legit that are designed to work from day 1 and if need any troubleshooting those items will come with  technical support as well.

Plantronics headset

Authorized partners can be located at the Poly portal and will show their certifications on Sales, Technician as well and they will have their current Badge from Poly presentable in their site at all time. Remember that the new badge should say “Poly” and with the Poly Logo and not the old Plantronics Badge with the Plantronics Logo.

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