Poly Voyager Focus 2 – Active Noise Cancelling USB Wireless Headset/Headphone


Poly offers the second generation of its Focus line up with the new Poly Voyager Focus 2, which is a great improvement over the first generation and fully compatible with most of the UC platforms or applications such as Avaya One X, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Team or RingCentral to mention a few. Thanks to the new versions of the Focus 2 headset you can use this headset not only with the computer or cell phone, but with your office desk phone as well, for this reason you will want this wireless headset for your office!

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The Poly Voyager Focus 2 now offers the new Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling, this feature allows the user to block most of the unwanted noises in their environment and even graduate it at will. With different levels it can be adjusted from not loud places to loudly scenarios. The discrete microphone boom arm offers the new Acoustic Fence technology from Poly, this means that 2 dedicated microphones are aligned towards the user so they can trace the user’s speech and one dedicated microphone towards the outdoor, this microphone’s duty is to substract the unwanted noises from the outside such as loud fans, lawnmowers or those loudly leaf blowers. The Focus 2 has smart sensors that can detect when the headset is being worn and with this the user can pause a streaming by taking the headset off or even answer a call by putting it on. These functions can be customized using the Poly Lens software on the computer or the Poly Lens app on the cell phone. The microphone boom arm has the muting function by simply bringing microphone boom arm up will mute the mic and unmute by bringing down and the boom arm can be worn on either side. The included BT 700 dongle offers the best range of up to 164 feet thanks to its Bluetooth Class 1 and version 5.1 the new redesign of the BT700 offers now a clean design compared with the old one now the way to put the dongle on pairing mode will be using the computer and Poly Lens software versus pressing the pairing key on the dongle.

The Focus 2 offers a talk time of up to 19 hours or up to 40 hours of listening time. The headset offers voice over USB which means that the headset can be used as a corded headset on the computer if the BT700 is not available or if running out of battery as it will charge the headset at the same time that is being used.

  • Best in class wireless stereo headset compatible across multiple software on desktops, Bluetooth-enabled desk phones, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and smart watch!
  • Class 1 Bluetooth (164ft) BT 700 dongle v5.1
  • Smart sensors know when the headset is on or off
  • Intuitive controls to answer/end calls, control volume and mute; track forward/back for music playback
  • Caller name announcement informs you who is calling; no need to look at your mobile phone
  • Smart mic boom: wear boom on either side and maintain R/L stereo performance and locations of volume/track buttons
  • Online indicator on ear pad lets others know when you are on a call
  • Charge on-the-go with included charging cable or desktop cradle
  • Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling with different levels of graduation
  • Acoustic Fence technology that blocks better the unwanted outdoor noises as blenders or loud fans
  • Voice over USB that allows to use the headset as a corded headset and charge it at the same time without compromise of the microphone performance

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The Focus 2 comes indifferent versions, including MS Teams version USB-A or USB-C dongle and the Focus 2 with stand.

For people wanting to use their Focus 2 with their desk phone as well Poly offers the Poly Voyager Focus 2 Office headset, this new model allows the user to use their Voyager Focus 2 with the computer, the cell phone and with a desk phone!

poly voyager focus 2 office usb-a bluetooth stereo headset view

Fully compatible with EHS adapters and lifters from Poly (Plantronics) and fully compatible with Poly Busy lights as well, the Office base will offer a further range of up to 300 feet as the base works as a range extender antenna. Thanks to this you don’t need to use the BT 700 dongle as the base takes over its place. The base allows to answer/end calls from the touchpad and allows to select which device to be used on (desk phone or computer). The Voyager Focus 2 Office is PC and Mac compatible and offers reminder when muted on the base. Thanks to this base the user can take the headset out of the office and keep using it with a cell phone or a tablet.

  • Range of up to 300 feet on line of sight as the base works as external antenna for the computer
  • Triple connectivity, connects to computer, desk phone and cell phone or tablet
  • Fully compatible with desk phones and with Poly EHS adapters and Poly lifters
  • Built in Busy light on the headset and base compatible with external Poly buys lights
  • Discrete noise canceling boom with Acoustic Fence technology to Microsoft Teams Open Office Premium microphone
  • SoundGuard features available thru the Poly Lens app that protects user from loud sound from the earcups
  • Light weight of 175 grams and with a comfortable redesigned headband for all day wearing
  • Dedicated Microsoft Teams key on the base for easier launch (MS Version only)
  • Dynamic Mute alert that allows the headset to remind the user when trying to talk and have the mute on
  • Voyager Office Base fully compatible with Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4300 headsets
  • Smart sensors that can detect when headset is on and allowing to mute or pause a streaming, can use the smart sensors for answering calls as well. Feature customizable using the Poly lens software/app
  • Included carrying case
  • Easy pairing to Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4300 headsets
  • Voice prompts for easy navigation when pairing to devices
  • Up to 2 devices pairing at the same time and with memory to store up to 8 different devices, no need to keep repairing every time
  • Leatherette ear cushions
  • Easy to use call controls including volume, mute and ANC controls


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