There’s a New Place to Shop for Refurbished Apple iPhones and MacBooks


  • Newegg is now selling refurbished computer parts and gadgets.
  • The online retailer could give Apple a run for its money in pre-owned devices.
  • Apple officially began selling refurbished iPhones in 2016, reports say.

There’s a new online marketplace for used Apple products.

On January 25, electronics retailer Newegg launched Newegg Refreshed — which sells refurbished tech gadgets, including a selection of Apple MacBooks, Watches, iPhones, and more.

It inspects, cleans, and tests items before they’re available for purchase, and if customers aren’t satisfied, they have 90 days to return the device.

Still, while it might give Apple a run for its money in selling the brand’s pre-owned devices, shoppers currently won’t find massive bargains compared to Apple’s own site. The tech giant has its own space for selling pre-owned tech, and prices are similar to Newegg for most devices. For example, a 2022 13.3-inch MacBook Pro costs $989 on Newegg compared to $999 for the same model on Apple’s site.

But Newegg does have listings for refurbished units of the new iPhone 15, while the iPhone 12 is the most recent model Apple had on sale as of Friday morning. The tech giant began selling used iPhones in 2016, 9to5Mac reported. Supplies vary based on availability for both sites.

composite image of two iPhones

You can buy the latest iPhone on Newegg as of Friday morning.

Newegg; Apple

For those who prefer to use tech from outside the Apple family, Newegg has added refurbished options for computer parts and gadgets as part of its Refreshed program.

And if you’re still not finding the right device on Newegg or Apple, electronics giant Best Buy also offers refurbished items at a discounted price in its outlets department.


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