What is VoIP and how it’s used in the office


What is Voice Over IP? Complete Guide to VoIP in 2023

Today we will explain what’s VoIP and the difference between this service and analog phone lines. VoIP that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is the newest service available and most commonly found in companies, as it allows to make phone calls over the internet in form of digital packets.

Due to these packets the sound quality is one of the best ones as the offering thru High Definition sound on handsets or headsets versus analog phone lines in which in most cases the sound is affected due to different cases, among them can be poor wiring in the facility or electrical lines too close to the analog phone lines, creating the common “dirty sound” when in a call.

Among some of the advantages of the VoIP service over the traditional analog systems we can find the following.

It can reduced the cost on the service for a company as it offers lower rates for long distance and international call as the phone call is thru the Voice over Internet Protocol and as it requires a reduced infrastructure and lower maintenance.

Additional features on VoIP systems is that offer is the customization of the same system, like for example call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, conference calling to mention a few ones. In the majority of the cases these features are already included in the service so no additional expenses are needed there.

The flexibility of using the VoIP system on a physical desk phone or on the computer or smart device as a tablet or cell phone thanks to its application, allowing the user to never miss a call and keep track of voicemails left off hours.


The integration with other applications, thanks for being a Unified Communications solution, the VoIP system can work together with your email, calendar and with the end user contact list from Outlook for example, allowing it to transfer all contact information including name, phone number and email as well.

A good headset option if considering a corded solution with a physical desk phone such as the Poly Edge E can be the Jabra Biz 2300 Mono Direct Connect. Simply plug in into the headset port and use the headset key at the front to answer/end calls.

Thanks for it’s integration with any computer, this VoIP system can be used in virtually any place as long as there’s a good internet connection and the best solution for remote workers as they can keep the mobility thanks to its applications for smart devices or computers.

How Does VoIP Work? Introduction to VoIP Phone Systems

After mentioning the benefits of VoIP systems versus the analog telephone systems, now we can discuss the cons of this system.

It is strongly advise to have the best internet connection as the digital data packets require this to have the best sound and connection available, if the internet service suffers a blackout this would affect the VoIP and there will not be any entering or exiting calls.

VoIP is mainly designed to cut costs on companies and is not just yet ready for general public, as it requires special equipment in order to keep the internet equipment up and running, the VoIP desk phones require to be programed in order to accept the system and in order that a desktop or laptop computer can power up a desk phone such as a Polycom VVX411 for example.

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If want a wireless headset for your VVX desk phone, we have the Plantronics CS540+EHS Remote Answer Bundle for Polycom IP desk phones, with its noise canceling microphone and remote answer capability thanks to the built in Electronic Hook switch, so no mechanical lifter needed.

For same reason that it is required to have a stable internet connection, the user needs to have a battery back up as well in case there’s a power outage in order to keep the modem and the VoIP system equipment powered up, as without Internet there’s no system, while an analog telephone phone system still works even in the middle of a power outage or in the middle of a strong storm for example.

The cost can be a little higher for an individual as additional to the equipment purchase and the Internet service plus the VoIP service as well, as this as today is a well designed tool for companies in order to get the lower cost in the long distance calls or additional services such as voicemail or call forwarding.

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If your company decide to go with a cordless desk phone, like the new Rove family and if in need of a headset. You can use the Plantronics Blackwire 5210 USB-A, 3.5mm Headset, Microsoft Teams, simply plug it in the side jack and wear the headset while carrying the cordless phone.

There are different services as today in the market, the most common and well known ones are RingCentral, 8X8, Vonage and Magic Jack, to mention a few, each one offers its independent features and is strongly advise to call them directly in order to know which ones are the features that you need.

If still willing to get a VoIP system, make sure your internet connection has the best speed, recommending to upgrade to Fiber access or Cable with Gigabit speed so it can handle the digital packets in downloading and uploading.


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