Why Austin’s 20-Year Airport Expansion Plan Still Might Not Be Enough


  • Austin’s airport is one of the newest and fastest-growing airports in the US.
  • Despite efforts, the airport is rapidly outgrowing an infrastructure designed for a much smaller population.
  • A 20-year expansion plan aims to build a model airport for growing cities, but forecasts predict it still won’t be enough.
  • This story is part of “Advancing Cities,” a series highlighting urban centers across the US that are committed to improving life for their residents.

The capital city of Texas has quadrupled its population since 2000, and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) serves as a gateway for transplants and visitors alike.

In 1999, Austin closed its municipal airport to open a new international airport on the site of the former Bergstrom Air Force base, making ABIA one of the newest and fastest-growing airports in the nation.

But the airport has struggled to keep up with the city’s booming population, leading to delays and other air-travel frustrations. So the city has come up with a 20-year “master plan” to get ABIA on track.


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